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Wind 101

PHOTO: Learn About Wind

Interested in learning about wind energy in Virginia?

Wind energy is a clean, renewable energy source that is available for power generation in specific locations throughout Virginia. Browse the many presentations, fact sheets, links and maps that we offer in order to learn more about wind energy potential in Virginia on the Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative website.

Now that you know how wind energy works and where the potential is in Virginia, visit the “I want a turbine section” to learn about acquiring a turbine at your location.

Interested in teaching about wind energy in your classroom?

The Virginia Center for Wind Energy offers teacher training on wind energy, shares lesson plans and activities, makes classroom visits, supports the Wind for Schools program for Virginia, exhibits at local museums, and more.  Visit the Alternative Energy Educational Resources website to acquire more information.

Interested in have having an expert visit your community?

VCWE offers many services to encourage community education about wind energy. Looking to host an event?   We are happy to display our wind energy exhibit to assist in educating your community about wind energy.  We have worked with many communities both in Virginia and out of state by helping to develop wind ordinances and educating local government officials about wind energy and its potential.  We also offer tours of our hybrid electric plant on the JMU campus and will offer tours at our wind training and testing facility that was recently unveiled during the June 2012 Statewide Wind Energy Symposium at James Madison University. Please contact us at VAcenter4windenergy@jmu.edu or 540-568-8770 if you are interested in requesting any of the services we offer.